Reach your customers more effectively.

Asheto is an Ad platform that automates Radio and TV advertising, reaching 75 million people monthly.

Here's what we can help you with


Choose the criteria that defines your customer. Set the people you want to reach by specifying their Location, Age, Gender, Language and other behavioral interests they might have.


Create your Ad, choose preferences and select stations you want your ad to run on. Filter our recommendations and begin distributing your ad in real time from anywhere.


Track performance, view audience reaction, understand compliance, resonance, competition, response, sentiment analysis and the impacts your sales. Set notifications to monitor your ad.

Proper content segmentation

Asheto has inventoried every single minute of programming on radio and TV and assigned it to appropriate audiences in terms of Age, Gender, Location and other demographics.

Target the right audience

Use Asheto to search for the kind of audience your campaign is meant for. The results will reveal the kind of programs that has the audience best suited for your brand.

High-level data security

Using fingerprinting technology to track the location and time your ads are being aired, real-time report are generated for you. You can set up SMS and email alerts for the best experience.

Built just for you!

Asheto takes all the hassles of radio advertising off you by handling rigourous tasks like content creation, ad delivery, re-insertion orders, data measurement audience feedback and so on.

Still not convinced? Try it for free.

Find a customer, Create content, Place your Ad in a program and Watch your ad work! That’s all it takes to create and book for your ads from anywhere and on any device.